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The next paradigm of automotive transportation is upon this decade. Ideas previously thought to be "Sci-Fi" such as ride sharing applications and autonomous driverless cars are hitting the streets en mass. Start learning everything you need to know about these technologies today at Automo.

Autonomous Self Driving Car

Self-Driving Cars

Also referred to as "autonomous cars" are projected to be the wave of transit. Current projections estimate that there will be over 10 Million self-driving cars on the road by 2020.

Fully Electric SUV

Electric Cars

Fully electric vehicles are quickly gaining traction in major automotive markets around the world. Electric vehicles run entirely independent of fossil-fuel combustion engines.

Hybrid Gas and Electric Car

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars were the first automotive technology breakthrough to usher in the new wave of vehicle innovations. Hybrid cars combine both electric engines and fossil fuel engines.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Hydrogen powered cars utilize "fuel cell" technology. Because they are powered by hydrogen, fuel cell vehicles are nearly zero-emission emitting only heat and water as byproducts.

Clean Diesel Technology Car

Diesel Cars

Diesel is the world's most efficient internal combustion engine. New "clean diesel" technologies capture the siginficant efficiency benefits of diesel fuel, with reduced environmental emissions.

Electric Vehicle EV Charging Stations

Charging Coming Soon

Public charging stations make all-electric, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen powered cars more convenient. Increased public charging stations can significantly increase adoption of these vehicle classes.

What is Automotive Technology?

Automotive technology simply describes the integration of technology into cars. It covers a diverse group of technologies and has many sub-categories; many of which are entire industries such as hybrid electric vehicles and ride-sharing.

What is Automotive Technology?
What is Automotive Technology?

Automotive Technology Education

Pursuing a successful career in automotive technology requires proper training and the field of automotive technology is continually growing. This means that there are many options out there to custom tailor your education to the right program and school.

Auto Tech Careers Auto Tech Schools

Automotive Technology Education

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